Symbolic Rituals

There are many cultural and traditional symbolic rituals/actions that can be included in your personal ceremony, here are just some examples of how you can make your ceremony even more memorable

Hand Fasting

Hand Fasting is a very old tradition, which was used when couples wanted to marry but had to wait for the priest to visit the village.  Their hands were tied together to form a knot which is the origin of the saying 'tying the knot'!  

Hand Fasting has again become very popular with couples, either myself or guests can tie the ribbons in a colour of your choice.  Alternatively, a bespoke cord can be created for you, complete with special charms which can be kept as a special souvenir of the day.


Jumping the Broomstick

Jump into the future with your new partner and share the experience with your family and friends!

Broomsticks are generally decorated with ivory flowers and ribbons but can be customised to suit your requirements.  Individual broomsticks are available for sale as a lovely keepsake and souvenir of your special day.

Sand Ceremony

Share a moment together, each pouring a little sand into a beautiful glass which you can keep forever; guests can also take part in the special sand ceremony, with your own choice of sand colours.