Couples Ceremonies FAQs

Q.         What is the difference between a wedding celebration and a commitment ceremony?

A.         A wedding celebration follows a legal register office marriage, often the same day or whenever the couple choose, but it must take place after the legal bit.  A commitment ceremony is similar to a wedding but there is no legal obligation, for financial or personal reasons sometimes couples do not wish to take the legal obligation of marriage.  A commitment ceremony still includes all the elements - exchanging of rings, exchanging of vows, certificates and symbolic actions.

Q.        Can a celebrant legally marry a couple?

A.         No, this must to be done first by a registrar.

Q.        Why have a wedding celebrant?

A.         The ceremony can be far more personalised, it can take as long as the couple wish and they are able to write their own vows, include symbolic actions and religious elements that are not permitted with a registrar led marriage.  It must be stressed that the legal bit must take place before the wedding celebration, but it only needs to be 10 minutes and rings do not have to be exchanged at this point. 

Q.        Can we include a prayer or some kind of religious element?

A.         Yes, a Civil Celebrant can include a hymn and a prayer.

Q.        What is the difference between a Civil Celebrant and a Humanist Celebrant?

A.         A Humanist Celebrant is entirely non-religious, whereas a Civil Celebrant can include elements of the couples’ religion and culture.

Q.        Can we write our own vows and promises?

A.         Yes, absolutely!  I can help you with creating your own personal vows which can be read from a card, memorised or 'repeat after me' during the ceremony.

Q.        Can our rings be blessed?

A.         Yes, we can include a special section for the blessing of rings.

Q.        Are there any restrictions on choice of venue?

A.         No, the venue does not have to be licenced for weddings, which gives couples more choice of venue.

Q.        Do we receive a certificate?

A.         Yes, you can include signing of a certificate, which is then presented as a souvenir.

Q.        Can same sex couples have a celebration ceremony?

A.         Yes, provided the legal marriage has already taken place.

Q.        Can we have symbolic actions such as releasing doves, lighting candles?

A.         Yes, you can have any actions you choose.  These can be incorporated into the ceremony.

Q.        Can we include a section where we remember those who cannot be with us?

A.         Yes, absolutely, it is often nice to remember loved ones who are no longer around but couples would like to mention them.

Q.        When do we pay?

A.         50% deposit on booking and the remainder 6 weeks prior to ceremony date, this can be done online.