Baby Naming

Q.         What is a baby naming ceremony?

A.         Naming ceremonies offer an expression of commitment to the child.  They provide an opportunity for parents to affirm a duty of care in front of witnesses of close family and friends.

Q.        What is the difference between a christening and a baby naming ceremony?

A.         A christening is a service designed to welcome a child into the church community, a baby naming ceremony is designed for welcoming a child into the family and is generally non-religious.

Q.        Can we include a prayer or some kind of religious element?

A.         Yes, a Civil Celebrant can include religious and cultural elements.

Q.        What is the difference between a Civil Celebrant and a Humanist Celebrant?

A.         A Humanist Celebrant is entirely non-religious, whereas a Civil Celebrant can include elements of the couples’ religion and culture.

Q.        Can we write our own promises to the child?

A.         Yes, absolutely! I will work with you to make these very special .

Q.        Are there any restrictions on choice of venue?

A.         None at all, often these ceremonies take place in the family home.

Q.        Do we receive a certificate?

A.         Yes, you can include signing of a certificate, which is then presented as a souvenir.

Q.        Do we have godparents?

A.         Yes, sometimes they are called supporting adults or guideparents, they too can make their own promises to the child.

Q.        Can the naming ceremony take place for more than one child?

A.         Yes, each child will be named separately, this is often great for when a family wishes to welcome step children into the fold.

Q.         Can we have symbolic actions such as lighting candles or a sand ceremony?

A.         Yes, you can have any actions you choose.  These can be incorporated into the ceremony. lighting a unity candle is a lovely way of sealing the bond between families, a time capsule is also another popular choice.

Q.        Can we include a section where we remember those who cannot be with us?

A.         Yes, absolutely, it is often nice to remember loved ones who are no longer around but couples would like to mention them.

Q.        When do we pay?

A.         50% deposit on booking and the remainder 6 weeks prior to ceremony date. Payments can be accepted online.